11. 07

Opening of the Wonju United Christian Hospital (50 beds)


Establishment of Medical Training Institution

03. 31

Completion ceremony of dormitory for nurses and Tuberculosis center (90 beds)


Implementation of nation’s first medical record management system

11. 01

Approved as training institution for college of nursing students

11. 07

Remodeling of outpatient clinics (2 floors) and hospital ward (3 floors)

11. 07

4 floor expansion of hospital ward (220 beds)

07. 01

Hospital was renamed to ‘Wonju Christian Hospital'

01. 26

Yonsei University and Wonju Christian Hospital signed joint declaration

12. 19

Ward expansion ceremony (250 beds)

12. 28

Approval of Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine as the Wonju Branch

10. 07

Foundation of school of public health and approval of admission slot increase for pre-med (80 students each)

09. 25

Remodeling of outpatient clinics and hospital wards (400 beds)

01. 08

Wonju branch was upgraded to Wonju College

10. 05

Wonju College, Department of Medicine was upgraded to the Wonju University College of Medicine

03. 01

Hospital changed its name to “Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine Wonju Christian Hospital”

05. 10

Expansion of Obstetrics Ward and Dormitory for College of Nursing

09. 28

Published the first newsletter of the Wonju Christian Hospital

03. 18

Expansion and remodeling of hospital ward (500 beds)

03. 01

Opening of the Mother and Child Health Center

06. 20

Opening of the Comprehensive Health Check-up Center

06. 30

Remodeling of the emergency room, cancer center and hospital ward (692 beds)

04. 20

Ward expansion (760 beds)

05. 25

The first birth of in vitro fertilization baby in Gangwon Province


Introduction of angiography device and extracorporeal shock wave liythoripsy

06. 19

The first baby from retrograde ejaculation patient via intrauterine insemination in Korea

08. 02

Introduction of Magnetic Resonanace Imaging (MRI)

05. 09

First successful pregnancy in patient with obstruction of vas deferens in Korea


Development of “experimental, epididymal sperm sampling” by Urology department

02. 02

Approved as the Brain Death Decision Medical Institution by the Korean Medical Association

02. 17

Dedication ceremony for ward expansion (6 floor, 1000 beds)


First publication of textbook for emergency medicine in Korea


The first success of lacrimal duct reconstruction surgery in world (plastic surgery department)


Implementation of optical disk system for medical record management

02. 24

The Wonju College of Medicine, department of Medicine, was certified “the Best Department”

06. 30

First successful case of kidney transplantation in Gangwon province

03. 15

First Successful Video-assisted thoracoscopic interruption of the patent ductus arteriosus in the lowest weight neonate (5kg) in Korea


Appointed as training institute for mental health professionals

08. 27

Successful case of ntrauterine surgery on fetus with urinary tract anomaly (less than 17 reported cases world wide)

01. 19

First successful case of minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass surgery in Korea

02. 06

Beginning organ transplantation from a brain death donor

03. 18

Opening of the YWCH referral center


First successful case of uterus preserving non-surgical treatment for myoma in Gangwon province

10. 07

First successful surgery of corneal transplantation in Gangwon province

03. 01

Establishment of the Department of Quality Improvement and management

04. 12

Unveiling of the bust of Florence Nightingale in the lobby of the college of medicine

05. 28

First successful case of non-invasive surgery of cerebral aneurysm in Gangwon province

06. 10

Opening of the Animal Research Center II

07. 19

Introduction and implementation of cutting edge MRI (1.5T Gyroscan ACS-NT Philips)

10. 26

Expansion and transfer of outpatient reception and payment center

11. 08

Publication of 40 year photo collection of the Wonju Christian Hospital (40 years of medical skills and mission) Opening of general information center

11. 09

Celebration ceremony of 40th anniversary of the hospital Ground breaking ceremony of the Regional Emergency Medical Center

02. 29

The 7th overseas medical missionary worship service (Chilmari, Bangladesh)

03. 01

Establishement of department of dental hygiene at the Wonju College of Medicine

07. 12

Opening of the Gangwon-Youngseo Regional Emergency Medical Center

11. 11

Opening of the Hepatobiliary Gastroenterology Clinic

03. 28

Opening of Health Promotion Center

05. 01

Implementation of the Hospital Information System

06. 30

Opening of the Stem Cell Therapy Center

07. 14

Opening of the outpatient surgery center

10. 28

Introduction of Cerebral Angioplasty

11. 18

The Regional Emergency Medical Center was awarded grade A by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea

02. 01

Name was given to buildings: main building-eihack kwan (meaning Medicine Hall), General Building-Jinri kwan (meaning Truth Hall), auditorium-St. Luke Hall

02. 28

The 11th overseas medical missionary was sent

03. 01

Opening of the Rheumatology Clinic

04. 01

Introduction of administration management system

09. 01

Upgrade of Hospital/University Homepage

09. 02

The Regional Emergency Medical Center was awarded grade A by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea

11. 09

Remodeling of Hemodialysis Unit

11. 30

Opening ceremony of the clinical examination practice center

12. 03

The Wonju Christian Hospital received presidential award on the 9th Consummer Rights Day


Introduction of the intensity modulated radiation therapy

01. 13

Plaque ceremony for Moon Changmo Memorial Center

02. 16

Started using RFID for Neonatal Information Management System

03. 18

Started cochlear implantation

04. 01

Launched blood donation campaign with love

05. 01

The “give light of love” free operation for blind was serviced


Opening of the Ilsan Exhibition Hall for Historic Material

05. 12

Opening of Cell therapy and Tissue Engineering Center

06. 02

Achieving 20,000 bronchoscopy cases

10. 24

Introduction of PRT/CT diagnostic system

12. 06

Opening ceremony for the Lifetime Health Maintenance Center


Implementation of the patient reservation and guidance system

02. 21

Installation of in-hospital digital information system

03. 13

Unveiling ceremony for bust of Yasung Moon Chang-Mo

03. 14

Application of cochlear implantation in a pediatric patient

03. 15

Introduction of laparascopic prostatectomy

04. 10

Opening of the Yonsei Wonju Funeral Hall

05. 11

Implementation of Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS

05. 16

Opening of the Sports Medicine Research Center

09. 01

Remodeling of Medicine Hall of the Wonju College of Medicine and St Luke Hall

09. 17

The Regional Emergency Medical Center was awarded grade A by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea

10. 26

Invitation meeting with general directors of cooperating (consulting) hospitals was held

11. 01

Blood donation campaign for commemoration of the 47th anniversary

03. 03

The 14th overseas medical missionary was sent to Bangladesh

06. 28

Signed a international medical contract with the Good Neighbors

10. 19

Established foundation Fund Bureau for building new university and hospital

10. 28

The monument of Dr. Murray was moved

10. 29

Opening of the Clinical Specialized Center

01. 02

Opening of the blood collection room for outpatient center

01. 06

Introduction of the latest extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL)

01. 22

Worship service for Pastor Judy, a co-founder of the hospital, was held (passed away in July 3, 2007)

02. 15

Opening of Dr. Murray Memorial Gallery

03. 24

Approval of Department of Industrial Medicine
Opening of the Pulmonology Center

05. 23

The 30th anniversary ceremony for the Wonju College of Medicine

07. 07

Opening of department of industrial medicine

07. 20

First successful case of the deep brain stimulation in Gangwon Province

09. 13

Mrs. Margaret Judy (Jinju Joo; Wife of the Pastor Judy) passed away and worship service was taken place on 08.9.24

11. 04

Approval as the Critical Disease Specialized Candidate Center by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea

12. 05

Opening ceremony for the Gamma Knife Center

01. 28

The 15th overseas medical missionary was sent to Bangladesh (1/28-2/6)


Launched “Leap 2013” Campaign

05. 07

The 25th Reunion event for Wonju College of Medicine graduates

07. 21

Establishment of the code of ethics of the Wonju Christian Hospital

08. 04

Received highest rank for inspection on the use of prophylactic antibiotics in surgery

10. 19

The Tibet’s Kyigy peak (6,206m) climbing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the hospital opening

10. 22~24

The Health fair was held to celebrate the 50th anniversary

11. 05

Appointed as the representing hospital for medical tourism in the Gangwon Regional Economic Zone

11. 06

50th anniversary ceremony of the Wonju Christian Hospital

11. 30

Introduction of HPS laser surgery for benign prostate hyperplasia

12. 14

Opening ceremony of the Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Center

01. 21~31

Sent out medical staff to assist victims of Haiti earthquake


Published integrated issue of Overseas Medical Mission Report (a total of 15 issues starting from the 1st edition published in 1992)

02. 01

Opening of the Medical Reservation Center

04. 15

First hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in Gangwon province

04. 29

First robotic surgery in Gangwon province


Selected as the Medical Device Clinical Trial Center by the ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea

05. 07

The 25th anniversary reunion event of the Wonju College of Medicine (The 2nd graduates)


Received the best ratings on performance evaluation of the Regional Emergency Medical Center
Established the customer service part and installed customer consultation center


Rated 1st by the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service on the evaluation of the prophylactic use of antibiotics in surgery

10. 07~09

The 2nd Health Fair was held together with the community members.

10. 18

Placed in the highest ranking group in the Medical School Accreditation

11. 05

Ceremony for the publication on 50 year history

11. 16

Opened the Yonsei Yang-gu Clinic in Gwangchi Recreational Forest


Launched periodical “the Love of Circle”
Rated 1st in the quality evaluation for stroke treatment.

02. 01

Launched the University Hospital System (Jae Mann Song as the 1st President and CEO of the Wonju Yonsei University Hospital System, Joo Young Park as the 16th Dean of the Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine)

02. 13~22

The 16th overseas medical missionary was sent to Bangladesh

02. 16

Practice of the intrathecal drug administration system

03. 02

Implementation of EMR system

03. 10

Opening ceremony of the Medical Device Clinical Trial Center after moving to a different building


Application of catheter ablation for treatment of tachyarrhythmia
Introduction of endobronchial ultrasound transbronchial aspiration (EBUS-TBNA)


Improvement on the hospital ward environment
The 25th year reunion for 3rd graduates of the Wonju College of Medicine


Launched one-stop payment system for medical fees

07. 01

Development of world’s first stem cell therapeutic agent for myocardial infarction

07. 25

Implementation of on-site discharge payment system

08. 01

Launched new smart parking system (automatic vehicle number detection and termination of parking service for hospital staff)

08. 26

Opening of the tomotherapy center


Opening of neonatal intensive care regional center


Inauguration of Yeo Seung Yoon as the second president and CEO of the Wonju Yonsei University Hospital System, and Sang Ok Kwon as the 17th Dean of the Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine)


The hospital was changed its name from Wonju Christian Hospital to Wonju Severance Christian Hospital


Started operation of the emergency medicine specialized “Doctor Helicopter”


Ground breaking ceremony for Re-creation project


15 medical staffs were sent to Tacloban, Philippines after struck by typhoon


Opening of the Judy Murray Center


Completion of the parking area near the back gate


The 1st Medical Mission Academic Symposium was held


Designated as the first “IOC Sports Safety and Damage Research Center” in Asia by the IOC


Prof Yeo Seung Yoon remained in office as the third president and CEO of the Wonju Yonsei University Hospital System, and inauguration of In Soo Hong as the 18th Dean of the Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine


Opening of the Regional Trauma Center


First successful case of minimally invasive open heart surgery in Gangwon province (Professor Soonchang Hong)


Dispatched emergency relief medical staffs to assist victims of Nepal earthquake


Opening of the Outpatient Clinic


Worship service for the Outpatient Clinic


Naming ceremony of the Wonjae Hall and Mason Hall of the Wonju College of Medicine


Signed Memorandum of Understanding for the designation of Olympic Medical Center for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics


Completion of Hospital Remodeling as a part of the Re-Creation Project


Approval of the graduate school of the public health


Opening of Son Duck Soo Hall as the traing room for nursing students


Recieved the 24th JW Volunteer Service Award


Donated EEG to the missionaries in Jimbabwe, Africa


Unveiling of scripture engraved granite monument with founding principles of Yonsei University


Opening of the high pressure oxygen therapy center


Selected as the nation designated training center for trauma specialist


Inauguration of the 4th President and CEO of the Wonju Yonsei University Hospital System and the 20th general director of the Wonju Severance Christian Hospital


Inauguration of the 19th Dean of the Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine