Excellence in clinical care, research and education
Leading Hospital in Central Region of Korea

Spread of the Gospel through practice of medicine

Since its establishment in November of 1959 by the Canadian United Mission and United Methodist Church of America as ‘Wonju Union Christian Hospital’, the Yonsei University Wonju Severance Hospital has contributed greatly in providing high quality healthcare service to the communities in the central region of Korea.

The Wonju Severance Christian Hospital was the first hospital in nation to introduce systematic medical record management system in Korea, enabling high quality medical care for the patients. As a patient-centered hospital, we ensure the competitiveness in the medical treatment and healthcare professionals through setting standard of excellence in medical education and research, and harnessing advancements in technology by incorporating cutting-edge medical equipment into the healthcare system. We make every effort to ensure and maintain patient safety and focuses on delivering high quality treatment to the patients and their families.

Currently, we deliver services and programs through specialized medical centers including regional emergency medical center, cardiovascular center, cancer center, diabetes center, hepatobiliary and gastroenterology center, pulmonology center, neurovascular center, robot and minimal invasive surgery (MIS) center, Gamma knife center, Tomotherapy center, dental implant center, neonatal intensive care center, stem cell transplantation center, and health promotion center.

Especially, the Wonju Severance Hospital provides one of the best emergency medicine service with best facilities and equipments in Korea that we operate ‘Doctor Helicopter’ to transfer patients from anywhere it can possibly reach. The nation certified regional emergency medical center is dedicated in early detection and treatment of life threatening situations to save patient’s life at the earliest to pursue our founding philosophy ‘Leading the future of medicine and spread God’s love’ by providing human oriented care of exceptional quality for realization of customer satisfaction.